Red Wind Consulting’s Vision is to strengthen Tribal programs and Native organizations' ability to develop and enhance local responses to domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and sex trafficking through training and tribal technical assistance.
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Red Wind OVW Tribal Technical Assistance
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Remembering we have indigenous solutions to our problems, Red Wind's role is to help you be successul in your efforts.
Red Wind staff
Red Wind is available to work with OVW Tribal Government grantee programs to aid them in the development of native/tribal specific shelters, safe homes and transitional housing programs for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and dating violence. We also assist with the development and implemention of responses to children impacted by domestic violence, and teen dating violence.

Red Wind can assist with the review and development of policies, advocacy and service delivery design, problem solving and developing strategies to enhance safety for victims and delivering empowering responses to victims/survivors. Red Wind specifically helps programs with putting in place their policies and infrastructures for their programs, addressing safety, and a range of program design that reflects your tribal values and beliefs. Contact Red Wind to discuss how we can help you.
Transitional Housing Tribal TA . . .

Transitional Housing TA for OVW Tribal Governments Grantees

Red Wind works with grantees to aid them in the development of native/tribal specific transitional housing programs and economic justice responses for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and dating violence.

We can help you with your policy/protocol development, putting in place operational structures, basic advocacy skills and developing strategies to different circumstances that occur.

Red Wind offers:

  • One-to-one consultation, resource identification, and problem solving via phone or web conference (as requested).
  • Provides 8 - 10 Webinars. Webinar Schedule available for download.
  • Provides 8-12 Onsite Transitional Housing Trainings/Facilitated Meetings
  • Provides 2-4 Peer Site Visits for tribal programs to visit existing programs and learn from their work.
  • Provides a National Tribal Transitional Housing Training (NTTHT) for Grants to Tribal Governments grantees.
Children and Youth TA . . .
Children and Youth TA for OVW Tribal Governments Grantees

Red Wind is developing technical assistance to assist grantees in working with Children and Youth.
  • Providing a framework for providing advocacy responses to children and youth exposed to violence and youth victims,
  • Conducting education and outreach,
  • Build meaningful responses that build on protective factors and systems engagement.
  • Developing and enhancing their responses to teens and tweens, and
  • Responding in ways to protect the bond between the non-offending parent and strengthening a child’s resiliency.
Activities will include one-to-one consultation through phone and email, webinars, on-site training/work sessions, and National Training.
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Webinar Schedule
Archived Webinars can be found in our Resource Section, Talking Stick Webinar Archive page.
Red Wind is developing its webinar schedule for 2018. Watch this space for details as they emerge . . .
This project is supported by Grant No. 2015-TA-AX-K069 awarded by the Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice. The opinions, findings, conclusions, and recommendations expressed in any of these webinars are those of the author(s)/presenter(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women.

Domestic Violence
Brochure Templates

Red Wind developed 4 brochure templates that can be customized with your pictures and program information. There are instructions accompanying each brochure template to walk you through the steps to take. Click here to begin downloading files.

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Tribal Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examination Protocol

This project is currently underway. Red Wind is working closely with practitioners from the field and the Office on Violence Against Women in the creation of this document for OVW. Through meetings, conference calls and numerous communications with tribal sexual assault advocates, law enforcement, prosecutors and health care practitioners, the protocol is becoming a tool that can be used by tribes and critical partners responding to Native victims of sexual assault.