Red Wind Consulting’s Vision is to strengthen Tribal programs and Native organizations' ability to develop and enhance local responses to domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and sex trafficking through training and tribal technical assistance.
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Red Wind's Leadership
Red Wind Board of Directors
Enhancing tribal and Native specific organizations' capacity to provide safe responses for battered women and their children, Red Wind Consulting’s board of directors bring a depth of experience and skill working to end violence against women as well as delivering a range of technical assistance to Tribal programs.

The board of directors is all Native with more than 60 years of combined experience working to end violence against indigenous women

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Consultant Partners

Highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants bring a depth of experience working in Indian Country to enhance Red Wind’s capacity to work with tribal and Native specific programs focused on a range of areas.
  • Developing programs and organizations
  • Long range planning, strategic planning
  • Visioning, designing mission/vision and overarching philosophies for your program or organization
  • Designing and implementing advocacy programs, shelters, and transitional housing (from the ground up including property/facility and program)
  • Designing and implementing supervised visitation centers
  • Developing DV/SA advocacy responses
  • Core philosophies for providing advocacy for victims of DV and SA
  • Safety planning
  • Accompanying victims in the criminal justices processes and medical procedures
  • Developing and facilitating women's educational groups
  • Impact the batterer has on children
  • Building resiliency practices
  • Teen Dating Violence
  • Program design for children and youth
  • Designing and implementing your CCR/SART
  • The advocate’s role in coordinating, managing, leading a CCR/SART
  • Working across multidisciplinary teams
  • Victim care and support
  • Sexual Assault protocol development
  • Working with tribal leadership
  • Multi-disciplinary response coordination
  • Building community support to address DV and SA
  • Working with tribal leadership
  • Designing materials
  • Designing your message
  • Developing public awareness campaigns